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The Mind-Body Connection

What is the Mind-Body Connection?

The mind-body connection is the connection between our emotions and the physical body. Emotions occur in our body as physical substances, called ‘information substances,’ as discovered by Dr. Candace Pert and also referred to as ‘molecules of emotion.’

Emotions are also correlated with hormones such as cortisol and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. All of these are physical substances that are formed and released within our body and influence how we feel. Therefore emotions are not invisible and they do in fact occur on the physical plane.

“A psychosomatic network of the molecules of emotion, endorphins and other peptides, bind to receptors on every cell in your body. These molecules tell cells when to divide and when to not divide, when to move to a new location and when to stay still, when to make and release new peptides, neurotransmitters, hormones or other informational molecules and when to stay quiet. I have said that your body is your subconscious mind.” [1]
Dr. Candace Pert

Mind-Body Healing and Therapies

When we heal our body, we heal how we feel. When we feel completely, when we allow our emotions to express in our physical body, they can run through their process and resolve. Sometimes these physical emotions are unable to resolve themselves and instead become stored in the body. Perhaps during times of stress, illness or when the body’s health is compromised the emotions can get ‘stuck.’ This is when mind-body therapies may be of use; to support the body to resolve the stuck emotions.

Neuro-Emotional Technique

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is a gentle mind-body technique developed by Dr. Scott Walker and Dr. Deb Walker to support the physical resolution of stuck emotions. These stuck emotions may continue to be triggered in the present if the body has not been able to process them. Stressful events that we experience today may subconsciously remind us of stressful events that occurred in the past, and this can become a repetitive stress pattern called a conditioned response. Utilising the process of NET, we can gently work with your body to support the resolution of the recurring emotion and even seek the original time that this emotion occurred and was not fully processed, supporting the body to process and let go of this triggered emotion in the present day.

“The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is an intervention designed to help improve symptoms related to traumatic stress using an integrative approach that combines emotional, cognitive, and motor processing, with a particular focus on autonomic nervous system regulation” [2]
Daniel Monti et. al

The Research

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of NET. One such study looked at the effects of NET on brain function of people who had been exposed to a traumatic stimulus. The traumatic stimulus activated certain regions of the brain, and after treatment with NET, the brain returned to normal functioning, even after being exposed to the traumatic stimulus again. The findings indicate that NET helped to reduce stress after exposure to a traumatic stimulus. [3]

Stressful Emotions and the Immune System

Some emotions are associated with stress and stress can have significant impacts on the physical systems of the body. One such system is the Immune system.

“Stress diminishes white blood cell response to viral infected cells and to cancer cells. Moreover, vaccination is less effective in those who are stressed and wounds heal less readily in those who are stressed. While stress decreases the activity of some white blood cells, stress does not compromise the function of all types of white blood cells. Indeed, some types of autoimmune disease, which involve particular subsets of white blood cells, are exacerbated by stress.“ [4]
Jill Littrell

When we take care of our emotional health we take care of our overall health, the mind and the body, the mind-body or as Dr. Candace Pert termed it, the bodymind.


The effects of the mind and emotions on the physical body are well documented. I could spend hours and hours reading and summarising the research to show you, but if you are a science lover, I will leave this discovery to you. Emotions are physical, they are not separate from the physical body as was once believed; they occur as physical substrates and can affect every system in the body. Mind-body healing can be effective, and as we feel, become conscious of and process our emotions we become more integrated; we get to know our self better, we come to accept our self and discover the infinite well of love that resides within and connects us all.



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