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More About What I Do
And The Mind-Body Approach To Healing

Hi, nice to see you here! Read more about my mind-body approach to healing here.

I support women to reconnect with their body, emotions and their being, the wholeness of being human. To dislodge what’s stuck, the same old problems, health issues, stressors; to advance freedom of movement in the healing process. To understand the wisdom of their body and what they can learn from their unique experiences and to attain new levels of insight and meaning. To empower you to calm your busy mind, to nourish your physical body and to feel well again.

How you feel and your level of health affects not only you but those around you too. You have so much to offer and the world needs your unique energy, and the world has so much for you too. We all have a ripple effect, what are you sending out on your ripple? What ripples are you open to receiving?

Together we seek to get to the bottom of your concerns so that we may change the trajectory of your health and life journey in the direction of your choosing. We investigate what’s out of balance in your body and the potential causes, and we address these directly. You can’t feel better for too long without addressing the story of your biology, your physical health too.

How we feel is more than just in our mind. How we feel is in our body too. In the form of neurotransmitters, hormones and information substances, these are just a few of how we experience the felt sense in our physical bodies. If these are depleted, overstimulated, overstressed and/or malnourished; then we are going to feel off. We may have a lower tolerance for stress, be more emotionally reactive, we may feel irritable or sad more often, get overwhelmed easily, feel teary often or lack a sense of reward and fulfilment. There are many subtle and not so subtle ways that our physical bodies can affect how we feel.

In my years of experience, I have witnessed and experienced the intimate interconnectedness of the emotions and physical body, and how healing occurs on both these levels and how each affects the other. When we leave one aspect out, the process is incomplete. We can work with mind therapies and talk based therapies and they may help a bit or a lot, but if there is a core physiological process that is not working properly within the body, this has the potential to slow and even hinder progress in feeling better. The same goes for treating physical symptoms. If there is a mind or emotional component that is causing or interwoven with the physical (and there often is), purely addressing the physical may not be enough for complete resolution of the healing process.

In my practice we look at biological processes, symptoms and potential causes, AND we hold space for and support the processing of the emotional component when the body is ready. 

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