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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you consult men as well?

Yes! I provide Naturopathic Care for men. Some men see me specifically for Neuro Emotional Technique Sessions too.

Do you have health fund rebates?
No. Health fund rebates at this time are not offered for Naturopathy as a modality.

What to expect when you book an appointment for a Naturopathic Consultation:

Upon Booking your Initial Naturopathic Consultation

Once your Initial Naturopathic Consultation is booked, you will be sent a welcome email that will include a detailed Health History Questionnaire prior to your appointment.


Initial Naturopathic Consultation

Your initial consultation is primarily to gather information about your health. During your initial appointment we will discuss what is going on for you, review your completed Health History Questionnaire and clarify your main reason for seeking support.

This is followed by testing to gather more information about your current health status. Tests may include: blood pressure, iridology, muscle testing, nail and tongue analysis, and any referrals for laboratory tests, such as hormonal profiles, nutrient status, biochemistry, hair mineral test analysis and others as indicated.


We will get you started on some simple steps to improving your overall wellbeing right away, whilst I work on a Holistic Treatment Plan for you.


Second Naturopathic Consultation:  Report of Findings and Treatment Plan

After your initial consultation I will then take the time to thoroughly analyse your health information and results of any tests and develop a Holistic Treatment Plan for you. The Treatment Plan will be aimed at symptom relief as well as addressing underlying causes. Supportive therapies may include: Naturopathic Nutrition, Vitamin and Mineral supplementation, Western Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Somatic Practices and Lifestyle Recommendations.

Subsequent Consultations

Subsequent consultations depend on your presenting health complaint, how long you have had it for, and challenges you may have along the way. Usually clients consult with me more frequently to begin with, and monthly until balance is achieved. Regular review and reassessment initially is important to monitor your body’s response to the treatment and to adjust treatment as needed.

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