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Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program

What is The Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program?

The Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program is an integration of traditional Naturopathic Medicine and select Mind-Body healing techniques for a truly holistic and integrated experience. Over the years of my clinical experience, I have found that the best way for me to help people with their health concerns is in a truly holistic way that not only addresses their physical concerns, but also utilises a focused approach to support healing of mind-body stress and unresolved stress experiences.

When you are in an unbalanced state, hormones may be out of balance, you have been experiencing chronic stress, perhaps areas of pain and discomfort, transitions in life, pregnancy, birthing and motherhood and your body is perhaps in a state of deficiency, it takes time to restore balance and nurture the foundation of your health to build up your vitality, balance and energy once again.


Who is the Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program for?

This program is for people who are ready to commit to their health and wellbeing for the long term. You understand health and wellness is an ongoing journey and you want to take care of yourself not only now, but your future self too. You value your body, mind and soul and want to invest energy into your wellbeing. You believe in natural medicine and the healing power of nature (or are curious to know more). You want naturopathic care AND mind-body care to address unresolved stress and how you feel.

The Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program has been devised with the intention to:

  • delve into the mind-body connection to allow your body to process unresolved stress experiences

  • address those reoccurring stress issues that you’ve had enough of feeling

  • support healthy hormone balance naturally

  • improve your overall health

  • utilise traditional naturopathic medicine to support your health and wellbeing

  • support you to reduce stress in your body and mind

  • treat the causes of your symptoms as well as the symptoms

  • resolve nutritional deficiencies

  • support health and wellness naturally

  • align your subconscious mind with what you consciously choose and want in life

The Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program begins as a six consultation package. Once completed, some people may need or want more consultations to continue to work on wellness and mind-body healing. This largely depends on the complexity and chronicity of the initial presentation or starting point and one’s desire to continue working with mind-body healing within the context of the focused care and support of one on one consultations.

Ready to dive in? Want to have a chat to gain further clarity on if this is for you? Contact me here to book a complimentary connection call.

Want to know more about the process? Find out what happens here.

Image by Artem Kovalev
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