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Believe in Yourself

Don’t we all want someone to believe in us? Believe that we can do it, that we are capable, more than good enough, that we can achieve anything we put our mind too?

What if that person who believed in you was... you? Like REALLY believed in you? Like you have no doubt of your worth, your ability and that you can achieve what it is that you feel called to do?

When you feel like you don’t know enough, you guide yourself to self-education and a rational appraisal of what ‘enough’ really is.

When you feel less than confident, you look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say,’ you know what- you CAN do this, and I’m going to walk with you each step of the way.’

When you feel less than worthy, you remind yourself that you were born worthy, and no one is any more worthy than another. You go gently with yourself, be in places, be with people and do things that build up your feelings of worthiness again.

You see what is not good for you, and you remove it from your life, or find a boundary respecting way to have it in your life. You look out for you, take care of you and believe in you. And with this great self-respect and love comes a genuine ability to include others in your care and love. The way you treat other people, other lifeforms, the world that surrounds you and that you are a part of, because everything is energy and the way you do you is the way you do everything.

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to believe in yourself. You don’t need anyone else’s approval. You can give this to yourself.

When you doubt yourself, you hold back and suppress the flow of the life force. When you believe in yourself, you allow the life force to flow through you and express. Let your life live, express, be, move and flow. Let go of doubt and believe in yourself. To believe in yourself is to believe in God/Source/Divinity/Life itself.

With love to the innermost, always worthy and perfectly you self,

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