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Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program

When you book in for the Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Program, here is what you can expect:

Your Initial Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Consultation

During your initial Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing consultation, we take a comprehensive health history, conduct any indicated tests and referrals for general and/or functional pathology to gather as much relevant information as we can. This allows us to attain a big picture of what is going on in your health and wellbeing; and to reveal potential causative factors to your pain, discomfort, imbalances and presenting concerns. After our initial consultation together I will take the time to analyse your health information and put together a treatment plan with the view to improve not only your current concerns but your overall health.

Your Second Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Consultation:

Report of Findings and Treatment Plan

The purpose of your second consultation is to review any significant findings as to the causes of your concerns and to go through a personalised treatment plan to help you go from your current concerns to not only a relief of symptoms but addressing potential underlying causative factors. Here we will discuss what is involved in the treatment and it’s purpose and you can then get started on your naturopathic treatment.

Subsequent Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Consultations

Subsequent consultations are an opportunity for you to get support where you may find challenges, learn more about how to relieve your pain, discomfort or concerns and improve your health personally and for us to monitor your response to treatment and adjust accordingly. We progress through your treatment plan over the coming weeks and consultations.

Unique to Naturopathic Mind-Body Healing Consultations is the incorporation of specialised mind-body healing techniques to discover unresolved stress in your body and support your body to process what it is ready to let go of. We address the emotion-body connection and how emotions manifest in the physical body, we find which emotion is stuck and where in your body, and support the processing and clearance of these stuck emotions.


This powerful tool is integrated into your treatment plan to support you to process what you are ready to let go of, whilst supporting the health of your physical body with traditional naturopathic medicine. During the mind-body healing process there may (or may not) be strong emotions felt, and the general outcome is a feeling of relief and moving on.

Ready to dive in? Want to have a chat to gain further clarity on if this is for you? Contact me here to book a complimentary connection call.

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