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Stress support tea was formulated with the intention to support you in your life, to offer your body resources whilst also taking the edge off. Stress is not a bad thing. It is a completely natural response in our bodies, the problem is when it's constantly firing with little to no recovery and play time.


When your stress is active, it can be powerful, can you direct it efficiently? In overdrive, stress can be exhausting. This formulation is balancing, and a gentle reminder to pause and check in with yourself and where you are directing your energy and attention. 



Holy basil, also known as Tulsi,  is used in daily rituals in Ayurvedic wisdom. 

Chamomile offers to take the edge off, soothing and nurturing in her gentleness 🌼


Licorice & Schisandra berries come together to further stress support.





Pregnancy & Lactation: Contra-indicated due to the presence of Schisandra berries.


Hypertension: Contra-indicated due to licorice content.


Stress Support Tea

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  • Organic holy basil, organic chamomile, organic licorice, organic schisandra berries.

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