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Organic ceremonial-grade cacao powder lovingly hand-blended with organic pink rose petal powder for a delightful sensory experience 🥰

This is an invitation to infuse aromatic heart-opening rose and ceremonial criollo cacao powder into your soul. 


Gift yourself regular moments of deeper connection, practice your cacao ritual mindfully as a gift to yourself and honor the living moment. Rose takes this cacao experience to a higher level, engaging sweet notes of olfaction that enter into your system and permeate happiness and love, the very essence of roses and your heart. 

Warm and whisk in plant mylk and savour the moments 💕


Hand-blended with love and care in small batches in A.C.T.

No fillers, preservatives or unhealthy ingredients, just organic, simple and natural products made from my heart to share with yours with the intention of connection, love and living from your heart.


SKU: 632835642834572
  • Organic ceremonial-grade cacao powder, organic pink rose petal powder.

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