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Bring calm to your soul with this absolutely beautiful blend of organic flowers and herbs. Calm Tea is soothing and nurturing to your body, mind and soul.


Chamomile flowers have been used for thousands of years, known for their soothing and relaxing effects. Lemon balm calms nerves and also has an affinity for digestion. Lavender flowers ever so gently support mood and calm the nerves. 


Calm Tea is a gentle floral nurturer, with Organic Chamomile Flowers as its base, an all round kind and mellow soother to the system. Joined by Organic Lemon balm leaves, Lavender Flower Petals and delicate Pink Rose Petals, Calm Tea helps to bring balance to the stress of life.

Calm Tea

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Organic chamomile flowers, organic lemon balm, organic lavender, organic pink rose petals.

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