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Informed Consent for Treatment with Natural Therapies

Informed consent for treatment with natural therapies with Naturopathic Practitioner Dianna Moroney. All clients to read, understand and agree to this information prior to consulting with Dianna.

Consent to treatment includes consenting to make dietary and lifestyle changes, ingest therapeutic foods, vegetable juices, ingest medicinal therapies such as nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicines, flower essences, undergo physical procedures such as physical examination (excluding internal examination); coaching, muscle testing, mind-body healing and its various forms, PSYCH-K®, and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).

Likely benefits of treatment

The likely benefits of receiving naturopathic care are an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing. Complementary therapies may be taken along with medically prescribed treatment which would support general health as per the principles of wholistic health care, not interfere with medical treatment and probably improve health outcomes.

Likely benefits of treatment with NET, PSYCH-K® and mind-body healing methods may include a decreased feeling of stress around issues that are addressed with mind-body healing methods including but not limited to NET and PSYCH-K®.

Possible adverse reactions

Sometimes a client may feel worse before they feel better. We aim to minimise this but cannot predict how one’s body is going to respond to the prescribed treatment. For example, if there is a build-up of toxins or the client has been exposed to toxins and their body goes through a cleansing process, the release of these toxins can initially make one feel worse. This will pass and the aim is to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Occasionally there can be side-effects or adverse reactions to supplements and herbal medicines. If this happens the client is to cease taking the supplement and advise the practitioner of details of the reaction as soon as possible. The treatment will then be adjusted accordingly and any adverse reactions to be reported as required.

Important Information

Naturopathic treatment does not guarantee results. I, as the Practitioner of Natural Medicine, do the best that I can to support the client with the best treatment I can. I am human and may miss information at times. If something comes to my attention that was originally not known, I will apply this new information as best as I see fit to ensure my best treatment for the client. I do not offer quick fixes or magic bullets. I treat symptoms as best as I can to relieve the client as soon as possible, and it is important to look at what is causing these symptoms and treat the cause. In addressing the underlying cause of symptoms, this takes time. Often treatment takes months to address these causes. I may refer the client for external testing (such as laboratory testing) to gather more information to guide treatment. External testing is in most cases paid directly to the providers.

Neuro Emotional Technique

The effect of emotions on health is well documented in scientific literature and for over 100 years Practitioners have attributed emotions to being one of three causes of ill health.  Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) was developed in 1988 to treat physical conditions that may occur as an acquired reflex to unresolved emotional triggers and aberrant emotional physiology.

NET is an interactive process that requires the Client’s participation.  The Practitioner is merely the facilitator.  It uses muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to test the Client’s acupuncture system and the body’s response to semantics (words) to establish the unresolved emotion relating to an original event or experience.  To normalise the emotional physiology, the Client holds particular acupuncture pulse points and a snapshot of the original event or experience.  Needles are NOT used. For online and telehealth consultations, we may utilise a different version of NET that does not require the patient and the practitioner to be in the room together. I support mind-body healing through various methods and approaches including but not limited to NET’s First Aid Stress Tool (FAST), EFT, body awareness and coaching.

NET does not deal with “reality” but with “emotional reality”. NET does not deal with psychology, but with physiology. The Client is in complete control and can discontinue the treatment if any topic arises which the Client does not wish to discuss.  Occasionally Clients may feel emotional during or after an NET treatment. This is perfectly normal and can be likened to the purging effect of coughing or sneezing.  Appropriate referrals to other Health Care Professionals are made where appropriate.

Any conceivable life experience may be the subject of an N.E.T treatment. Topics may include but are not limited to the following:-

§  Abortion

§  Abuse of any nature

§  Adultery

§  Addictions

§  Animal Cruelty

§  Authority Figures

§  Belief of Past Lives

§  Control Issues

§  Death

§  Divorce

§  Eating Disorders

§  Enemies

§  Ethnicity

§  Family Dynamics

§  Failure

§  Genetic Flaws

§  Injustice

§  Intimacy

§  Love

§  Money

§  Mortality

§  Obesity

§  Personal Inadequacies

§  Phobias

§  Politics

§  Public Figures

§  Rape

§  Religion

§  Self Image

§  Self Worth

§  Sexual Experiences

§  Sexual Preference

§  Sexuality

§  Spirituality

§  Success

§  Terrorism

§  The Supernatural

§  Traumatic Events

§  Violence

§  War


NET is a highly specialised technique requiring significant training.  Should you be provided with an expert opinion on NET by any Health Care Professional who is not trained in NET, please contact this Clinic immediately.

NET and Mind-Body Healing sessions do not guarantee results. I meet the client where they are and we work together utilising a safe muscle testing process to gather information and support the physical resolution of stress. We work with "emotional reality," which means that what comes up in a session may or may not be true in real life. The subconscious mind thinks the emotional reality is real and we support the physiology to resolve stress. The client's body does the healing, I do not heal. I facilitate the sessions in a supportive environment, but the client is doing their own healing.

Naturopathic consultations are not a substitute for consulting a medical practitioner. Mind-body healing and NET sessions are not a substitute for psychology, counselling, psychiatry or medical treatment. Please see your medical practitioner for diagnosis and medical treatment.

If any concerns arise it is your responsibility to inform me so that we can address them together. Referrals to other health professionals are made when indicated.

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