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Detoxification Programs

Detoxification programs aim to support your body's organs of elimination to remove toxins from your body whilst decreasing toxin exposure and ingestion. A toxin is anything that can disrupt cell function. Toxins can include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental: pollution, car fumes, cigarette smoke

  • Food: preservatives, additives, pesticides and herbicides sprayed onto non-organic fruit and vegetables

  • Heavy metals: lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminium

  • Endogenous (made in the body): excess hormones, metabolic wastes

The accumulation of toxins in your body can cause disruption in the function of your immune system, hormonal balance and nervous system. This may manifest as autoimmune disease, premenstrual syndrome, pain syndromes, and more. If your body becomes overloaded with toxins, it may not be able to efficiently excrete them all, and they become deposited in body tissues and organs. This may lead to chronic diseases.

Symptoms of toxicity may include:

  • fatigue, lethargy

  • bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, other digestive problems

  • headaches

  • muscle aches and pains

  • poor short term memory

  • decreased concentration

  • allergies or sensitivities

  • depression, anxiety, mood swings

Naturopathic support for detoxification is comprehensive and wholistic. The detox program includes toxicity and nutritional assessments, dietary and lifestyle guidance to minimise toxin ingestion and exposure, and nutritional and herbal detoxification support. The Comprehensive Detoxification program runs for 4 weeks and is personalised to suit you. Duration can be shorter or longer depending on the individual.

For a cleanse you can do at home without consultations or supplements, see The 2 Week Body Cleanse Program below.


The 2 Week Body Cleanse Program

The 2 Week Body Cleanse Program is designed to support those interested in cleansing their body with nutritious food and supportive body cleanse practices, without supplements or consultations. Includes a meal plan, body cleanse practices, recipes...

Image by Jony Ariadi

The Refresh Detox

The Refresh Detox is a 2 Week program suited to those with a relatively low toxic burden, who are looking to cleanse their body, feel refreshed and energised. 

Includes personal clinical consultations and support, clinical  assessments, nutritional support, complementary supplements.

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Image by Sarah Gualtieri

The Comprehensive Detox

The Comprehensive Detox is a 4-week program with targeted gut and/or liver support. This program may help with bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, reflux, intestinal bacteria imbalance, hormonal imbalance, difficulty losing weight. Includes personal clinical consultations and support, clinical assessments, nutritional support, complementary supplements to enhance physiological health as indicated.

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