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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Mind-Body Healing

What is NET?

NET is a gentle process that provides fast relief from the effects of unresolved stress patterns.

Emotions and stress are correlated with a physiological response in the body. Emotions are natural and healthy, and your body knows how to process them. If your body has ever been in a weakened state due to stress, illness, trauma; what can happen is that physical emotion complexes may not be completely processed and can become “stuck.”


These stuck physiological emotional responses are called a “Neuro Emotional Complex” (NEC). The NEC can then continue to be triggered by a general stimulus such as a person or event. NET allows us to find the stuck physiological emotional response and support your body to process it. NET does not treat emotions. Rather, NET addresses the physical complex in which the emotion is a component.

How may NET support me?

Do you ever notice yourself react to certain situations in a way that in hindsight you wished you had responded differently? Perhaps the reaction in you did not seem to suit the situation, and you may not quite understand why you felt that way. It may feel as though your ability to consciously choose your response has been ‘hi-jacked’ by your emotions.

Classical conditioning as described by Pavlov’s work shows us that humans as well as animals can be conditioned to respond to a stimulus. Then there is the concept of ‘stimulus generalisation,’ which means that the stimulus is generalised- the exact same stimulus does not need to occur for that particular physiological or emotional response to follow. The stimulus can be a general one that your brain perceives as similar in some way to the original stimulus. Hence old emotions from a time long ago can be reactivated in the present day.

Conditioning is a normal process and so is the natural elimination of the conditioned response, called ‘extinction.’ When the extinction phase does not occur, and the old physiology and emotions are re-triggered or stimulated in the present day, we may utilise NET to help the body with the process of the elimination of the conditioned response, the extinction.

This ‘triggering’ of old emotions can occur in all areas of life, for example, the parent-child relationship. When the parent is triggered by something their child says or does, and they react with the same old pattern of emotion, feeling helpless to respond in any other way. This is the parent’s opportunity to grow. All that is required is an awareness that this is happening, and a desire to want to address it. For personal growth, for self- care, to foster a more present response and connection to our children, to model self-awareness and emotional responsibility for our children.


Physical Symptoms & NET

Sometimes our physical symptoms have an unresolved emotional or stress component. With NET we can discover if this is the case and if so, we can support your body to heal the associated stress.

Congruence with Conscious Choices

What we consciously want to manifest in our lives may not be able to be true for us until we gain congruence in our subconscious mind. With NET we can check if your subconscious mind is congruent with what it is that you consciously want to choose for yourself. If there is an incongruence, we can then seek what may be holding you back and gently support your body to process the stress.

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Further information about NET

The above video explains the background concepts of NET.

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